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America’s Favorite Home Lender

Your home is more than four walls and a roof. It’s warmth, it’s security, it’s family. That’s something the Nutter family has always understood. It’s why so many families over the last 65 years have found that the smoothest path to homeownership leads to our door. We’ve helped make homeownership possible for generations of families from all backgrounds and all walks of life.

Like so many American families – and America itself – we started small, but we’ve grown steadily and strong, by staying true to our values and staying in touch with our roots. And after all these years, we’re still a family-owned, family-run company.

A Leader in Mortgage Lending

We believe that our commitment to customer service, combined with our low rates and our refusal to charge our customers expensive and needless “hidden” fees, has helped us grow into one of the largest private mortgage banking firms in the U.S. Our staff has the knowledge and experience to offer a variety of government-supported and private mortgage loan options, and to help find the best fit for you.

Our approach to mortgage lending can be summed up in three simple words, “Come on home.”

Hometown Values

As a young man, our company founder, James B. Nutter, Sr., got to know former President Harry S. Truman. After leaving the White House, President Truman came back to his home in Independence, MO and reconnected with his hometown roots.

The neighborhood surrounding our National Headquarters in Kansas City, has been nicknamed “Nutterville” by the appreciative neighbors who enjoy the restored older homes, painted in bright colors, and enhanced with thousands of colorful flowers and creative landscaping.

The Nutter family and 200-plus employees are continually active in Civic and Community Affairs, such as - Children’s Mercy Hospital, which to us says “family,” Habitat for Humanity, which is all about “home,” and the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library, National World War I Museum and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial which keeps us in touch with our roots.

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