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No Closing Cost Refinancing

Lower your interest rate & monthly house payment.

Our innovative Refinancing Programs allow you to lower your interest rate and monthly house payment without having to pay any closing costs. We can typically eliminate discount points, origination fees, surveys and title fees. We also transfer your tax and insurance escrow account so you are not required to pay escrow money at closing. This way every dollar you save on your monthly house payment, is actually a dollar in your pocket.

Refinance your mortgage for a lower rate, different loan terms, or to get cash back. Our No Closing Cost Refinance option comes with a quick and easy application process and flexible terms – you can even complete your application online. When you refinance with Nutter, we’ll save you time and money.

We have successfully closed over 100,000 No Closing Cost Loans. As interest rates decrease, there are no limits as to how many times you can take advantage of our No Closing Cost Programs. In fact, thousands of our borrowers have refinanced through Nutter more than once. We want to ensure that the best rate is under your roof.

The lowest rate does not always equal the best loan.

Most mortgage company’s quote low rates, but will charge high fees and closing costs because they know most people shop for the lowest rate. But their customers end up paying much more due to inflated points, extra fees, and closing costs.

At Nutter, we don’t charge all the extra fees other lenders do.

Since we started in 1951, our commitment has been to give you the best mortgage possible. Most mortgage lenders charge hundreds, and sometimes thousands of dollars for services that cost them little or nothing. We don’t charge administrative fees or broker fees to pad our pockets. This philosophy distinguishes us from our competitors, which is why our customers come home to us.

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