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Thank you for your service! In addition to providing Veterans with quality VA Home Loans, low interest rates and low closing costs, Nutter Home Loans proudly supports our Veterans by providing this helpful list of Veteran resources. While it contains many websites and telephone numbers, please be advised that it may not be a complete list of all resources available to you as a Veteran. Remember, your VA Home Loan eligibility benefit is just one of many VA benefits that you could be eligible for.

Many of these links will take you to VA-sponsored websites. For privacy purposes, you may be asked to create a User ID and Password.

Benefits - General Information

The following links will help you contact your state VA office, locate a VA facility in your area, provide you with general information about your VA benefits, or how you can apply for VA benefits online.


Need help understanding the VA claims process? Want to know how to file a VA claim and track your progress? Use these links to help you get started:

Change of Dependent

Disability Compensation


The GI Bill paved the way for some of the most important VA benefits ever, including providing for college tuition and vocational training. Here are some links to get you the information you need on these valuable VA educational programs.


The VA can assist Veterans with a number of VA benefits in the area of employment. These links will provide you with general information as well as resources for family members — there’s even a VA program to assist Veterans who own their own small business.

Funeral & Burial Benefits

Health Care

We hope the following links can help you better navigate the VA health benefit process.

Housing & Mortgage

Interested in using your VA eligibility to buy a house with a VA Home Loan? Do you need help obtaining your Certificate of Eligibility (COE) in order to apply for a VA Home Loan? If you’re buying a house or refinancing your existing VA Loan, these links can be a big help. The VA even has a program to assist disabled or aging Veterans in converting their home into a more livable, disability-friendly space.

PCS + Report to Base

Nutter Home Loans has partnered with Report to Base, which is an online resource for the military personnel and their family members - providing information for those preparing to PCS. Report to Base has compiled much of the information you will need for your PCS so that it is all in one place.

Including information about U.S. military bases, housing and the communities around the military bases. As well as the climate, cost of living in the area and local educational information for the military base you are preparing to PCS to. In addition, they provide resources for government programs and the latest military news. Report to Base also has relocation specialists ready to help you transition to your new military base. To find the specific information that you need, you can search for your new military base by Branch or State.

Check out the PCS Guide by Report to Base to help with your new assignment. Information in this guide includes:

Home searching tools: Looking to buy or sell a home?

Life Insurance – Veterans Group Life Insurance (VA)

Pension Benefits


Transportation (VTP)

Veterans Organization

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