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Our CEO has something to say to Mr. Bernanke

James B. Nutter Jr. |

Mr. Chairman,

I recently read an article on CNN’s website that stated you were just denied an opportunity to refinance your home loan. I am President and CEO of a mortgage company that never participated in Sub-Prime lending and made it through the crash virtually unscathed. I have been a personal fan of yours and appreciate all that you did for our country in leading us successfully through uncharted economic territory.

My company has been in business doing FHA, VA and conventional lending since 1951 and I believe that my team of experienced underwriters could find a way to fit your square peg situation into the small round hole of tightened lending regulations. We pride ourselves in common sense lending.

If you have already found someone to complete your refinance, congratulations, if not, please feel free to contact me at 816-531-2345 or my email address: jim.nutterjr@nutterhomeloans.com .


James B. Nutter, Jr.
President & CEO
James B Nutter & Company

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