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The job market is booming… but don’t relax quite yet!

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According to CNN Money, CNBC’s Market Insider, and basically every financial media outlet across the board- unemployment is at its lowest since 2008; even more exciting- 248,000 jobs were added by employers in the last month!

This is great news, but it also means that if you’ve been putting off refinancing that home mortgage- you may miss the chance to refinance at a lower rate if you don’t act soon- and by soon, we mean yesterday!

As we see positivity in the market, new jobs being created, AND millenials finally moving out of mom & pop’s basement, mortgage rates will continue to rise with the increasingly competitive market. But, if you’re in the know, you can take advantage of this opportunity and save, while your less financially savvy neighbor may be blind sided by the rate spike on the horizon!

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