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Lenders that service their own loans

For many homebuyers, the loan closing is one of the happiest days of their life.All of the planning, searching, negotiating, moving and expense that goes into acquiring a new home culminates in a fairly brief but joyful ceremony at the title insurance company.When your loan closing is over, you exchange» read more…

MORTGAGE 101: What are Discount Points?

For many homebuyers, one of the biggest mysteries of mortgage lending is its strange terminology.Despite the efforts of the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau to simplify the mortgage disclosure process in 2017, even the most knowledgeable of homebuyers can get a little confused when trying to understand the various closing costs» read more…

HELOCs Set to Rise in 2018

Interest Rates on Adjustable Rate HELOCs Set to Rise in 2018### James B. Nutter & Company has been cautioning people regarding the riskiness of Home Equity Line of Credit loans for some time.Since short term interest rates are beginning to climb, these loans may have significant increases in their» read more….

Jim Nutter Sr. 1928 - 2017

STATEMENT BY: James B. Nutter, Jr. on behalf of the Nutter Family    On Friday we lost our patriarch–an extraordinary man whose big heart, wisdom and generosity touched us and so many others in profound and lasting ways. He taught us not only how[**» read more…**](/blog/2017/jim-nutter-sr-1928-2017)

Denver: The Future of the Real Estate Market

When the Federal Reserve was forced to cut interest rates in order to revive the nation’s economy, the real estate market roared back to life and took off, causing some housing experts to express concern that the Fed may have inadvertently created another housing “bubble” that could burst at any» read more…

Equifax Data Breach and Getting Preapproved

In today’s real estate market, homebuyers are plentiful and the supply of available homes is low, so homebuyers have no choice but to act quickly and aggressively to get the house they want. However, as the recent Equifax data breach illustrates, homebuyers who fail to get pre-approved for a mortgage» read more…